Grip Heating Comfort Alpin

Grip heating system for handlebars with electronic power control and temperature compensation
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What is the Coolride grip heating system Comfort Alpin?

The grip heating System Comfort is based on a pair of Coolride heating cartridges that are built into the handlebars and specifically heat the grip area from inside. They are controlled with a powerful, 5-stage electronic power controller, which can be installed completely invisibly due to its small dimensions. It is operated via a discreet, waterproof LED push button made of anodized aluminum. The SPC-5TC Alpin offers additional comfort due to automatic ambient temperature compensation.

Comfort or Comfort Alpin?

The SPC-5 and SPC-5TC power controllers follow a puristic operating concept. They are identical in their basic functions. The SPC-5TC Alpin power controller also offers temperature compensation. A temperature sensor continuously registers changes of the ambient temperature, e.g. by drivingin the mountains or at changing weather conditions, and independently changes the heat output in 20 finely tuned levels. Treat yourself to optimal thermal comfort!

You can find the "Comfort" version without temperature compensation here.

In Detail

  • Crash-proof and practically invisible
  • strong 52 Watt heating power
  • no wear & tear
  • No interference by cables, as with heated grips or heated gloves
  • Thereby no compromise of safety
  • heating power adjustable in 5 levels
  • High-quality FEP-insulated cables, cold-elastic down to -100°C / -148°F , heat-resistant up to 205°C / 400°F
  • Monolithic construction without loose / vibration-sensitive parts
  • Optimized thermal conductivity

Power Controller Features

  • 5 selectable power levels
  • Automatic ambient temperature compensation in 5% steps
  • Variable preheating phase (0-15 min at 100% power), can be terminated at any time
  • Memory function saves the power level of the last ride
  • Auto-switch-on
  • Switch-on delay for battery-saving starting
  • Shutdown in the event of a short circuit / excess temperature
  • Display of errors by a flashing code in the control unit
  • Automatic reset of the automatic fuse
  • Integrated electronic load relay allows operation on modern motorcycles with electronic current monitoring
  • Minimalist operation via handlebar button with integrated LED and aluminum housing
  • Small, easy to install electronic box (just 37 x 26 x 5 mm)
  • High-quality automotive cables and connectors in OEM quality
  • Waterproof according to IP67 (except output connector)
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Excellent EMC compatibility
  • Easy installation and operation


Selecting the correct size & options

Choosing the size

Select the diameter of the heating cartridges so that they fit as tightly as possible into the handlebar. The order size is the inside diameter of the handlebar rounded to the nearest mm.


17.9 mm inner diameter = Order size 17 mm

17.0 mm inner diameter = Order size 17 mm

16.9 mm inner diameter = Order size 16 mm

Installation preparation

For the attachment of handlebar end weights or hand protectors, the heating cartridges are equipped with an internal thread size M6 or M8 at the end.


The display and control unit (push button) is optionally available in black or natural colored aluminum. Both color variants are made of anodized aluminum.

Scope of supply

  • 2 heating cartdidges (90 mm long, à 26 Watt = 52 Watt total heating power) with FEP-insolated wires (each 120 cm long)
  • 1 power controller SPC-5TC with 6A load capacity (= 72W at 12V) and temperature compensation
  • 1 waterproof display & control unit for handlebar mounting, made of anodized aluminum, color selectable
  • 6 fitted isolating spacer discs
  • 1 rubber grommet
  • 4 bullet style connectors with insulating sleeves
  • 1 package Coolride special 2-component adhesive, heat-resistant
  • 1 installation instruction for heating cartridges
  • 1 installation instruction for power controllers SPC-5 & SPC-5TC



Manual for Power Controller SPC-5 & SPC-5TC

Installation Manual Heating Cartridges (German)

Installation Manual Heating Cartridges (English)

Posi-Tap Manual (German)

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Sehr Zufrieden
5 from 5
Sehr Zufrieden

Die Montage ist nicht ganz simpel, aber mit durchschnittlicher „Schraubererfahrung“ problemlos machbar.
Bei den ersten Testfahrten hat alles funktioniert. Wie sich das System bei kalten Tagen und mit dem Temperatursensor verhält, konnte ich noch nicht austesten. Aber so wie die Heizung aufgebaut und verarbeitet ist, habe ich da keine Bedenken‘.

Einfach Klasse
5 from 5
Einfach Klasse

Einbau an einer Suzuki SV 650 (2020):
Problemloser Einbau, alles sehr gut beschrieben und vorbereitet.
Funktion ist echt klasse - heizt sehr schnell und effizient auf.
Besonders der schlichte, aber funktionale Bedienknopf und die hierüber steuerbare Elektronik ist schön weil unauffällig

Einfach genial
5 from 5
Einfach genial

Ich würde ja gerne Bilder mitschicken, jedoch sieht man am Motorrad nix!
Habe eine Suzuki C1500t und da ist eine Griffheizung die man sieht das wohl uncoolste das man sich vorstellen kann.
Natürlich ist der Einbau nicht ganz einfach aber
es ist ein absolut professionelles und durchdachtes Produkt.
Auf Stufe 2 von 5 ist vollkommen ausreichend.

Diese Griffheizungen sind absolut empfehlenswert!

Super Alternative zu den klassischen Heizgriffen
5 from 5
Super Alternative zu den klassischen Heizgriffen

Die Montage ist zwar recht aufwendig, doch das Ergebnis entschädigt für die Mühen.

Total entries: 4