Grip Heating Standard 12 mm M6

Complete set with 2-step switch
Installation Preparation 
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Grip heating based on heating cartridges with 2-step toggle switch for installation. Inspired by a similar system that was once used in snowmobiles, we designed a set of heating cartridges that is inserted into the handlebar tube, considering the specific requirements for use in motorcycles.

This results in a superior grip heating system which features the following advantages:

  • Invisible installation
  • Powerful
  • Crash proof
  • Completely free of wear
  • No messy cables, different from heated gloves or hot grips
  • No negative safety impact
  • 2-step power control
  • Reliable & permanent (5 years warranty on the cartridges)
  • Highly flexible FEP insulated cables, withstands temperatures from -50°C to +205°C
  • Monolithic design, vibration proof
  • Rock solid cast material with optimised thermal conductivity

Fits on almost all motorcycles. Before purchasing: Please read the installation instruction in our FAQs! Please check if installation is possible at your specific motorcycle! Things like welded-in weight bars, guiding pins or other stuff that blocks the space inside the handlebar tube have to be removed before the cartridges can be glued in.

The heating cartridges are hand-made in-House in the German town of Solingen, home of world-famous knives and cutlery.

The most commonly asked questions are answered in our FAQ section. We are also happy to help by e-mail or phone!


Scope of Delivery

  • 2 heating cartridges, 26W each = 52W total power, 90mm long
  • Power cable, heat and cold proof, 120cm long
  • 6 fitted insulating spacer discs
  • 1 grommet made from rubber
  • 1 rugged 2-step switch (current rating 15 amps!)
  • 1 waterproof sealing cap for the switch
  • 5 flat plug sockets to connect the switch
  • 5 insulating sleeves for flat plug sockets
  • 4 complete bullet style connector sets incl. insulating sleeves
  • 1 cartridge 2-component adhesive
  • 1 installation instruction with wiring diagram

About the Options


Select the correct diameter of the heating cartridges to ensure a snug fit into the handlebar. The size you need to order is the inner diameter of your motorcycles handlebar rounded down to full mm.


  • 17,9 mm inner diameter = order size 17 mm.
  • 17,0 mm inner diameter = order size 17 mm.
  • 16,9 mm inner diameter = order size 16 mm.

Installation Preparation:

To mount handlebar end weights or hand guards the heating cartridges feature a M6 or M8 thread. Choose one according to your requirements.


Optional Modifications

To increase the lower power level of the grip heating system from 25% to 50% power, you can use the Coolride modification kit 50%. The modification kit can be connected to an existing system at any time.

With the modification kit it is also possible to use other toggle and rocker switches than the one supplied. It is also possible to use switches that already exist on the vehicle, e.g. to use the original BMW hot grip switch, provided that it meets the technical requirements. Information on this can be found in the modification kit's manual.

Montage- und Betriebsanleitung

Anleitung zur Installation der Griffheizungssysteme Standard- und Deluxe

Installation Manual

Installation instructions for heating cartridges and standard systems
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18mm die einfache ausführung
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18mm die einfache ausführung

Montage muss man ein bisschen Zeit nehmen aber die Anleitung ist sehr gut. Die innen Seite des Lenkers habe ich mit einer Druckluft-Geradschleifer mit 6mm aufnahme , und ein 6mm Chromstahl einsatz geschlitzt und mit 80er schleifpapier auf hochglanz gebracht.
die Heizleistung ist der Hammer auf der zweiten Sufe ausreichend.
der Artiker der Hammer

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Beste Griffheizung

Anbau ist nicht ganz so einfach, aber es lohnt sich. Es gibt keine bessere Lösung für beheizte Griffe.

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