Grip heating system Comfort Alpin: Come with us on a weekend trip to the Alps!

Coolride GmbH
2021-03-12 12:08:00 / Comments 0
Grip heating system Comfort Alpin: Come with us on a weekend trip to the Alps! - Practical example: The Coolride grip heating system Comfort Alpin on a tour through the Alps

Fancy a weekend in the Alps?

Our luxury model, the Comfort Alpin grip heating system, is now available! But how do all the new features like autostart, switch-on delay, memory function and temperature compensation work in practice? Just come along to our virtual weekend trip in the Alps!

Day 1

We arrive in Berchtesgaden in Bavaria at sunny 18°C, unload the bikes from the trailer and take a snack. Then a little exploration tour of the area to warm up before we really get going tomorrow. It is a bit chilly after all and pressing the button starts the grip heating system.
After 15 seconds, enough time to start the engine with full battery power, the button will start flashing slowly. The preheating phase starts with 100% power to fire the cartridge heaters. After about 10 minutes, the grips are pleasantly warm and we switch to level 1. Our hands remain comfortably warm and we spend the night full of anticipation for the big tour.

Day 2

The tour begins. Early in the morning it's only 8°C and cloudy and the heated grips start automatically at level 1, as selected yesterday. But that's not enough for us and we increase it to level 2 at the touch of a button. The sun comes out and warms the air to a mild 15°C. In the meantime, the automatic temperature compensation has repeatedly reduced the heat supply unnoticed and used its intermediate levels. When the power is only level 1, the display flashes once to inform about the new level.
In the afternoon we climb up the passes, the weather changes and the temperature drops to just a few degrees. The temperature compensation has raised the power through its intermediate levels and is now heating at about 65% and shows level 3. We sleep in a cabin this night.

Day 3

After breakfast we start again. When we turn the ignition key, the heated grips start automatically and heat up to level 3, which was set when we switched off the machine last night. The weather and temperature change again and although we didn't adjust the power level even once, the heat output was always right. We arrive back in Berchtesgaden in the late afternoon in the best of moods and treat ourselves to a visit to the beer garden before heading home again.